WORKSHOP: How to Buy Distressed and Below Market Value Properties

Instant Access and Live Workshop

  • Learn how to get started in Real Estate Investing with no or little experience to find superior cash-flowing properties with $ZERO down.
  • Follow strategies of the wealthy on building passive cash-flow and increasing net worth.
  • Start working immediately after, and find your first deal in as little as a month.
  • Workshops are taught by Brian and Ranjit
  • The first day session can be accessed immediately online
  • The second day session will be a live workshop
    • December 15th 11am – 3pm
    • Interactive Zoom Meeting
  • Brian and Ranjit continue to provide support for up to 3 months to help you succeed.
  • Join weekly coaching calls where you can ask questions and get additional support.
  • Details of live deals are shared by us and others in the group.
    • 1-Day workshop on finding and investing in superior cash-flowing properties—instant access (Value: $600)
    • 1-Day workshop on finding, buying, and assigning distressed and below market value properties (Value: $1,000)
    • 3 Months of Coaching, Support, and Q&A (Value: $1,200)
    • Full access to all recordings ($1,000)
    • 1-Day Mastermind to set you up for ultimate success ($1,000)
    • $4,800 VALUE !!
  • Experienced, professional investors (us) assist you with analyzing every deal!
  • We buy good deals, and know others who do too!
  • Where there is a good deal, there is money!

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