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– Arthur Ashe
You don't need a lot of time, or a lot of money. To get started you just need to make a decision.

We have plans to suit your situation–whether you have time but no money, or money but no time. You don't need to quit your job or cash out your investments to make passive income in real estate. We'll show you how.

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Real education in Real Estate Investing

We share from experience

We are not just teachers, we are Real Estate Investors with a passion to grow a cohesive network of investment partners.

We share deals

We believe we've learned a lot from deals we've done, and we want to share those experiences with you. Furthermore, we'll openly discuss deals we (and the membership) are currently working on.

We share our success

We believe that we are only successful if we help others succeed. Celebrate the wins, and celebrate often!

Some of our topics include ...

Introduction to Real Estate Investing - Making Your First Million

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. That said, we believe the easy, safest, and fastest way to make your first million is in real estate and we’ll show you how–because we did it, too.

How to Successfully Flip Properties for Profit

Flipping properties is often seen as a hot topic, especially for TV shows. Unfortunately many flips are done on speculation and miscalculations, leaving the owner stuck and losing thousands of dollars. We’ll show you how to successfully flip properties, including some strategies that can drastically reduce your closing costs.

How to Flip or Invest in Rent-to-Own Houses

If you’re looking for an investment opportunity with reduced risk and increase profits, rent-to-own is very attractive for real estate investors for these reasons. Realtors also have a unique opportunity–in that they may regularly come across qualified tenant-buyers and with our investors as your buyer, you’ll have a sure-fire closing.

The Canadian Prosperity Plan - Wealth by Design

Learn how to direct your wealth like the ultra-wealthy. Simple techniques used by the wealthy that are (sadly) not taught in schools can make all the difference in your financial future. Design your own wealth using a CPP Plan that really works– the Canadian Prosperity Plan!

How to Buy Superior Cash-Flowing Properties

Unfortunately, many would-be real estate investors rush out to buy property without a proven successful plan. Perhaps they got “the itch” (money in their bank account) and some (bad) ideas on TV about how to flip houses. We’ll show you how to make a proper plan to ensure maximum cash-flow and valuation.

How to Joint Venture in Real Estate Deals

Joint Ventures are a fundamental base strategy for many types of real estate investing and creative financing techniques (such as no money down). By understanding how to properly do a joint venture deal, you’ll see how many otherwise impossible deals suddenly become extremely lucrative opportunities.

Creative Financing Techniques

Many people think there is only one way to buy real estate–get a mortgage from a bank. However, there are many, many ways to complete a transaction, including buying real estate with none of your own money. Don’t miss an opportunity just because you don’t know all of your options!

Basics of Mortgage Financing and Investing in 2nd Mortgages

Learn what the banks and insurers are looking for when approving clients. Learn how to approve mortgages for self-employed individuals under “stated income” programs. Learn how to finance multiple rental properties and how to structure for financing more than 10 properties.

Buying and Flipping Distressed Properties at Big Discounts

We believe we make money when we buy real estate. If you’re buying the right property and getting it below market value, you are definitely making money when you buy. We’ll show you how to find properties significantly under market value.

Finding and Analyzing Commercial Properties

Understanding and Profiting from Power of Sale Properties

We teach you the “Power of Sale” process (known in the U.S. as foreclosure) and how to be integral in creating win-win situations where you can save the homeowner from power of sale or bankruptcy and also make a good profit.

How to Buy Real Estate with No Money Down (Using Various Techniques)

Wholesale, bird dog, rent to own, assignments, joint ventures, and more. We’ll teach you everything you need using various strategies to buy properties without using any of your own money.


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Weekly Group Coaching Teleconference

Get news, tips, coaching, and support on a weekly basis. Dial-in by phone or computer for a 1-hour session focused on helping you grow your business and make money in real estate investing!

Monthly Members-Only Meetings and Investment Opportunities

Your net worth = Your network! Every month we meet to network, share news, discuss wealth-building secrets, and socialize. All events are posted on the event calendar in the members only section. We'll discuss market updates, review deals done, network with like-minded successful entrepreneurs and investors and even showcase exclusive investment opportunities.

Access to Our Business-in-a-Box Systems

Designed to cover everything you need to start and run your business, we have businesses ready for you to take and and rebrand for yourself--whether you're looking to expand your portfolio, flip, assign, joint venture, or do no money down. From buying distressed properties to flipping rent-to-own deals, we have opportunities waiting for you!

Invitations to Masterminds and Socials

Masterminds are intensive, full-day sessions with a small group of key people selected specifically to assist each other in exploding their business. Focusing on each others' biggest concerns and road-blocks, we strategize and make action plans to overcome them. In addition to real estate investing-focused meetings, we also hold regular socials where the focus is more on networking in a more casual, relaxed environment.

Network with Successful Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Investors

Mingle and network with high net worth investors, successful real estate entrepreneurs, multi-millionaires, and deal originators. Canadian Wealth Masters members are among the top 5% in Canada, and among the top professionals in the industry.

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