How to Make Massive Profits Flipping and Wholesaling Properties in Canada Full or Part-Time


Massive profits are possible from just a single deal and may be extremely addictive.

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How to Make Massive Profits Flipping and Wholesaling Properties in Canada

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The purpose of this article is to help guide through the steps of wholesaling and flipping real estate.

Wholesaling is the perfect real estate investing vehicle for those who want to do no (or little) money down deals with one closing.  However, many real estate wholesalers also prefer a double-closing strategy (or “fix-and-flip”).  As the real estate entrepreneur, it’s up to you to decide which strategies suit you and your business.

Many real estate experts have even made a business in just wholesaling—whether working full time or part time—massive profits are possible!

Wholesaling real estate can require much time and effort; however, fortunately for you this is nothing new—many, like myself, have been doing this for years, developed strategic networks and refined processes, and continue to work at it and profit from it today.

I have done my best to optimize the processes of wholesaling and flipping to be able to spend a minimum amount of time and effort, while maximizing profits.  This has made it possible to do deals while working a busy, full-time job.  In some cases, I was outside of the country and still signed offers and closed on deals.

Don’t feel you’re alone!  Consult with a coach, mentor and other professionals to assist you through your deals with minimal effort AND risk.

Here’s to making a difference in your life!


Brian d’Eon

Real Estate Investor | Coach | Mentor | Author | Public Speaker | Entrepreneur | Mortgage Agent