Warning, Almost Gone … 4 hours left!


Hey, I’ll make this real quick.

We’re about to sell out of General Admission tickets!

At midnight, any still left will go back to the full price of $400 CAD.

Also, the few VIP packages left go back up to $1,200 and the Platinum package returns to $2,000.

Of course, if you’ve already bought a ticket for Saturday, you’re good to go.

But if you haven’t… don’t say I didn’t warn you!

You’ll also lose the 2-for-1 General Admission offer and the $321 worth of Brian Tracy bonuses.

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P.S. I’m offering a new Rent-to-Own Workshop with a Brian-Tracy-Show-Special Price.  You still have until Saturday, April 2nd at midnight (11:59pm) to get in at this price.  I like to keep the group small, so there are only 20 spaces available (total), and expect to sell out quickly at the show, so now is your chance to get in early!

Last Call … Doors Closing …

Fair warning. You have until midnight TONIGHT, and then all of these end:

– General Admission to Brian Tracy’s “1-Day Real Estate MBA” at just $197 instead of the full $400.

– 50% off VIP and Platinum packages.

– An extra ticket for every General Admission ticket you get.

– $321 of Brian Tracy products as bonuses, including his “Science of Self Confidence” audio program worth $177.

Of course, if you’ve already purchased tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime event… then you’re good to go.

If not, you know what this link is for. As they say… use it or lose it!

Either way, let’s quickly recap why being here on Saturday should be kind of a legal requirement 🙂

  1. Brian Tracy’s strategies are for YOU. They’re an absolute goldmine if you want to do any of the following…

– multiply your profits and monthly income

– become super-focused on the 20% of the stuff that make you 80% of the money

– easily attract more clients, buyers and investors than ever before

– build a high-performing team around you

– have more time to kick back and live the lifestyle you want.

  1. This event is going to change your life, in a powerful way. I’m serious!
  1. If you’re a real estate investor, or might become one at some point… I’ve lined up additional speakers for you. They’ll spill the beans on investment secrets and strategies that have made them fortunes.
  1. The event is going to be packed with people from all across the real estate industry. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with millionaires and other successful people.
  1. You could be taking home a share of $20,000 worth of prizes. $1000 in cash, an Apple watch, a smart TV, a 2 night getaway to Niagara Falls. That’s just a tiny fraction of what our sponsors and speakers are giving away on Saturday!

So if you haven’t already done it, secure your place right now.



P.S… remember, ALL tickets go back to their full price by midnight… so here’s that link again, in case you missed it.

This is Never Happening Again!

Brian Tracy - 1 Day Real Estate MBA

Brian Tracy – 1 Day Real Estate MBA

Does your real estate business sometimes take over your life?

Do you wish you had more time and money right now, to live the millionaire lifestyle you dreamed of when you first started out?

If so, come along to Brian Tracy’s 1-Day Real Estate MBA live event in Toronto, Canada… on Saturday, April 2.

It’s for real estate investors, realtors, brokers, coaches… anyone running a business in the real estate industry.

Using Brian Tracy’s insider strategies, your real estate business will work for you… instead of the other way round.

You’ll know how to build a high-performing team, and become super-efficient and effective.

The end result will be higher profits and growth… meaning you can kick back and start living your ideal life.

Watch Brian Tracy spill the beans on his unique system.

This is the first and last time Brian Tracy will be revealing his 1-Day Real Estate MBA system to a live audience. Before this, people paid $35k to learn it personally from him!

It’ll also be a great time to network with millionaires and successful people from all across the real estate industry… especially with VIP and Platinum packages where you can connect with Brian Tracy himself!

Right now there’s still time to secure your place and get 50% off General Admission, VIP and Platinum packages.

The early bird special ends this Thursday (March 31st)!


P.S – If you’re serious about growth and profits, I’d say this is a “must attend” event. Watch this video, and then decide before it’s sold out!

$20,000 in Giveaway Prizes!

Attend Brian Tracy’s Live 1-Day MBA for Real Estate Investors this weekend and you could win some pretty amazing prizes!  We will be giving away:


  • $1,000 in Cash
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
  • iPad Mini
  • Tablets
  • eBook Readers
  • Gold Notes
  • Silver Coins
  • 2 Night Stay in Niagara Falls
  • Dinner for 2 at the CN Tower
  • Gift Cards (such as Tim Hortons, Home Depot, Gas, Movies)
  • Education Packages, Training Tickets
  • And even more …

Now is the time to register for this amazing event!  Get your ticket now!

Who Wants a FREE Ticket?

Like our page on Facebook for a chance to win 1 of 4 free tickets to the one-of-a-kind Brian Tracy MBA-in-a-Day for Real Estate Investors this April 2nd, 2016 !!!

1st Prize – Platinum Ticket –  Value $2,000

2nd Prize – VIP Ticket – Value $1,200

3rd & 4th Prizes – General Admission Ticket – Value $400

Draw will be on Friday, March 25th, 2016.