Forum Resources Overview

These resources from Canadian Wealth Masters are included in your membership via the Forum and freely available with immediate access when you join. Note that these resources are always a work in progress as they are what we use in the field. Updates and new resources are posted here as they get developed. These are not just examples, but actual tools and templates used by us and other professionals.


Included in the Canadian Wealth Masters forum resources is a host of analysis templates and calculators that have been developed over the years and are currently used by the founding members. Updates to these tools as well as any additional tools that get developed are posted here. This currently includes:

  • Net Worth Calculator with Projection
  • Rent-to-Own Investment Feasibility Calculator (including mortgage calculator)
  • Rent-to-Own Tennant-Buyer Affordability Calculator
  • Residential Property Analyzer, including Amortization Schedule
  • Buy-Rent-Hold Calculator for Residential Property
  • Investment Calculator for Commercial Property for Purchase or Development


You are not alone. In addition to our team of experts, you will have access to our forum platform and social media groups that promotes interactions among members. Everyone who becomes a member of Canadian Wealth Masters is automatically added to the forum and encouraged to participate. In addition to our offline, in-person meet-ups, we have in essence also created an online social network where we can all collaborate.

  • Canadian Wealth Masters Forums
  • Facebook – Private Groups
  • Specialty Project Groups
  • Canadian Wealth Mastermind Groups

Trade Secrets

Learn secrets from the masters on how to invest profitably while significantly minimizing your risk. In addition, we teach wealth building strategies that you can start applying in your life immediately. The resources here are in support of what you will learn in our sessions.


Our document templates have been developed and field-tested over many years by the founding members. Updates and new documents appear in the resources section as they get continue to develop. Many of these documents have cost thousand of dollars in legal fees, but are included here (in the Resources section) at no additional charge as part of your membership. Here are some of the resources you’ll find:

  • Agreement of Purchase and Sale, with our custom clauses
  • Joint-Venture Agreements
  • Assignment Contracts
  • Rental Agreements
  • Rent-to-Own Contracts
  • Marketing and Advertising Samples
  • Letter Templates–Online and Offline
  • Process and Workflow Templates
  • Understanding Credit
  • How to read a Credit Report
  • many more …