Investing in Real Estate

Looking to get started in Real Estate Investing?

Already an investor and looking to do more deals or find more investment opportunities?

Real Estate Investments are among the safest and most profitable investment opportunities available–provided they are executed and handled properly.

Whether you are a real estate entrepreneur actively sourcing and putting together deals or passive investor looking to invest in deals, having the right guidance can be the key to your success!

As active and passive real estate investors we are able to provide expert advice and opportunities:

  • Looking for complete turn-key investments which can generate 10-20%+ ROI on cash?
  • New to Real Estate Investing and need a personal coach / mentor?
  • Looking to buy below market, cash-flowing investment properties in Canada or the US?
  • Want to know how to leverage your existing assets (i.e. your own home or RRSPs) to invest in real estate?
  • Have a real estate investment deal (wholesale, cash-flowing, single/multi-family residential) and need an investor or joint-venture partner?

If you’re looking to do your 1st deal, 10th deal, or 100th deal or build a real estate portfolio, We can help you achieve your goals.  We specialize in training others using a variety of real estate investing strategies including:

  • Rent-to-own
  • Buy-Rent-Hold
  • Fix-and-Flip
  • Wholesaling
  • No Money Down Deals (yes, it is possible)
  • Funding Real Estate Deals
  • Investing in Turnkey deals (passive investing)
  • Using OPM (Other People’s Money) and Joint-Venture partnerships

Brian d’Eon was previously a professional with a full-time job in information technology and management consulting. He has become dedicated to assisting others in getting started as a part-time investor just as he did, and even to make a transition to full-time real estate investing.

If you are interested and want to make a serious step in real estate investing, or a seasoned investor looking to make a connection, please provide your details below and we’d be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Furthermore, with the real estate markets and rates where they are right now–we may never see this kind of opportunity again in our lifetime!

There’s no time like the present!

Good luck, and may your future be full of happiness, abundance, and success!






Brian d’Eon & Ranjit Dhaliwal

Real Estate Investors | Coaches | Mentors | Authors | Public Speakers | Entrepreneurs | Mortgage Agent & Broker – FSCO Agent: M15001086     Broker: 12597

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